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We have combined study guides and interactive practice questions into a comprehensive and fully integrated study solution that works across multiple platforms and is easily accessible wherever you are.

A Complete Cross-Platform Solution

Whether you have a PC or a Mac, a smartphone or a tablet, iOS or Android, SOLARO is compatible across a variety of platforms to ensure the best studying experience on whatever devices students have available to them.

SOLARO is Cross-Platform

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice tests let you constantly check your knowledge to make sure you've grasped a concept fully before moving on, and SOLARO generates tests on the fly so you never run out. SOLARO also directs you to specific lessons based on the results of your quizzes, so you spend your studying time only on the concepts you are struggling with.

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Broad Coverage Of Classes

SOLARO contains tens of thousands of lessons in Mathematics, Science, and English Language Arts, and they are all aligned to the curriculum in your region. SOLARO is like having a bookshelf full of study guides at your fingertips.

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Built-In Study Tools

Study notes and flashcards aren't passé; they are still a proven method for aiding in knowledge retention. SOLARO gives you the ability to make your own collections of study notes and flashcard decks for greater flexibility and power.

SOLARO remembers where you made the note or flashcard, so when you are prepping for final exams and need a reminder, a detailed lesson is only one step away.


The Best Practice Quizzes

SOLARO’s built-in quizzes and tests give you the practice questions you need with full solutions and links back to explanatory lessons. SOLARO also tracks your performance so you can find out how you are doing and determine areas where you need extra review with just one click.

Illuminating Results

SOLARO monitors your progress on lessons and assigned work, tracking and colour-coding your assessment scores to show you at a glance where you're struggling and where you're grasping the concepts.

Automatic To-Do List

SOLARO wants to give you more free time by helping you study as effectively as possible. Prioritize tasks by dragging them up or down the To-Do list, then complete the items one by one. Finished quizzes and assignments will appear on the "Completed" tab, instantly showing you how far you have come.

Your Notes, Your Way

SOLARO lets you create notes from anything you can highlight. They can be easily reviewed and revised as needed, both online and via our mobile apps, so you can access them anywhere at any time.

Create Your Own Flashcards

SOLARO’s Flashcards let you put concepts in your own words, and they automatically link back to the relevant lesson for further review. As you use your Flashcards, you can rate your confidence with each concept using “happy face” tracking to help you focus your study time.

Easy-to-Learn Lessons

Jump to the head of the class with detailed explanations, examples, multimedia components, practice questions, and notes, all of which will help you understand key concepts. Every SOLARO course has been tailored to match your local educational standards, whose topics are addressed by multiple lessons in clear, easy-to-understand language.

Parents, You Can Help!

With SOLARO's reports, parents are always aware of what students are studying and if they are having any troubles. These reports will help you understand just where your children are excelling and where they need your help.

Simple Account Management

Parents, you can easily track payments and change your child’s account information (including contact information, passwords, and settings). As your child moves up to a new grade level, the parent account lets you make the necessary changes quickly and easily.

Can't Find It? Search It!

SOLARO lets you search the content in your grade and classes. Our results feature in-line miniature versions of lessons so you can easily find what you are looking for. Quickly get that definition or explanation when you are stumped, instead of thumbing through large, out-dated books.

Gold Stars

SOLARO awards you Stars for all activities, such as reading a lesson, completing practice questions, reviewing practice quiz results, or reading through the solutions to your questions. Rewards provide a great way of tracking your progress and improvement in a class, during a term, or throughout the school year.

Accessorize Your Learning

Use the Stars you have earned to customize your SOLARO Avatar. Express yourself with clothing and accessories to show your friends how far ahead of the curve you are!

SOLARO At Home: A Complete Studying Solution

  • Limitless practice quizzes that link to the necessary lessons: goes beyond any paper resource available.
  • Best-in-class review materials aligned to regional and Common Core standards (also available in select Canadian provinces).
  • Access on any computer or device — accessible on all major browsers and via mobile apps for Android and iOS.
  • There are no contracts or lengthy terms — SOLARO bills monthly, and you can cancel at any time.

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