Create and distribute assignments and homework without having to write a single question. SOLARO At School. You're Welcome.

SOLARO provides age-appropriate, curriculum-aligned lessons, activities, exercises, and quizzes for grades 3 to 12 in Math, Science, and English Language Arts. Manage all your classes with an easy-to-use interface through mobile apps or any web browser.

SOLARO is 100% curriculum-aligned, with courses designed to specifically address the current educational standards in all 50 US states, the new US Common Core Standards, and three Canadian provinces (Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario).

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Automatic Assignments

SOLARO lets you assemble customized assignments from a database of high-quality questions with just a few clicks; and you can distribute them to your students digitally or in print. Formative assessment is a breeze with up-to-the-minute grading and with class and student reports.

Assign Homework Easily

Plan your assignments in advance and have them become active on certain dates. Students will see the assignments the next time they log in to SOLARO, allowing students who miss class to easily catch up.

Enlightening Lessons

Easy access to SOLARO’s content lets you see that the curriculum is covered in detail. Each curriculum standard or outcome has been broken into teachable lessons specific to your class grade and subject, saving you time when drawing up lesson plans.

Current Classroom Reports

The assignment report page shows anonymous results on a question-by-question basis so you can review an assignment with your entire class at once.

In-Depth Student Reports

Student reports include standards, student progress and activity, practice sessions, a calendar, and discussion reports.

Add Links For Your Students

You can add text, presentations, video links, and other forms of multimedia to a SOLARO lesson with SOLARO Playlist in order to address the unique learning styles of your own students.

Broad Course Selections

Offer a start-of-the-year review or create assignments to use as a rough guide for material your students may need a refresher on. You have the ability to select curriculum-aligned courses from any subject and grade for your region.

Simple Class Management

Add groups of students to your classes from a list of names, or add students individually throughout the year. Does your school issue e-mail addresses to all students? Have them self-register. Plus, if you are teaching multiple subjects to the same group of students, one click lets you duplicate the entire class across all courses.

Pop Quizzes

While at school, students can take an unlimited number of practice quizzes without logging into a SOLARO student account with Quizbank. Students see their results immediately after completing the quiz, and you will receive a report within your teacher account showing student results against your educational standards.

SOLARO At School: Digital Classroom Resources

  • The quickest route to Common Core—Lessons and assessment questions are curriculum-aligned.
  • Take home assignments—Give your students homework that is graded automatically.
  • Real-time reporting—Get a view of student progress, both individually and by classroom.
  • Access on any computer or device—Students can use any browser or mobile device, as well as print outs!

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