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Common Core - Geometry


Common Core - Geometry


The SOLARO Study Guide is designed to help students achieve success in school and to provide teachers with a road map to understanding the concepts of the Common Core State Standards.

The content in each study guide is 100% curriculum aligned and serves as an excellent source of material for review and practice. The SOLARO Study Guide introduces students to a process that incorporates the building blocks upon which strong academic performance is based. Every exercise question comes with a detailed solution that offers problem-solving methods, highlights concepts that are likely to be tested, and points out potential sources of errors.

The SOLARO Study Guide is intended to be used for reviewing and understanding course content, to prepare for assessments, and to assist each student in achieving their best performance in school.

Common Core - Geometry consists of the following sections:

  1. Transformations
  2. Rigid Motion
  3. Geometric Theorems
  4. Geometric Constructions
  5. Similarity Transformations
  6. Theorems Involving Similarity
  7. Right Angle Triangles in Trigonometry
  8. Applying Geometric Concepts
  9. General Triangles in Trigonometry
  10. Volume Formulas
  11. Two and Three-Dimensional Objects
  12. Using Coordinates
  13. Equations for Conic Sections
  14. Circle Theorems
  15. Arc Lengths and Sector Areas of Circles
  16. Relating Conic Sections to Their Equations
  17. Independence and Conditional Probability
  18. Probabilities of Compound Events
  19. Evaluating Outcomes Using Probability
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